About Us

Our Mission Statement

Le Fournil Bakery is a family owned business that has been selling French bread, wholesale and retail, in Miami for over 40 years. We are passionate about making the best tasting fat-free, vegan, low calorie French bread that is baked fresh daily to serve our customers. Our goal since 1981 is to provide our in-store customers with a memorable and pleasurable experience and for our wholesale customers reliable and efficient service. In addition, Le Fournil Bakery pledges to always use the best quality ingredients and to always ensure the best quality product by conducting daily quality control inspections. We take pride in our product and ensure the quality is never compromised because of the quantity we produce.

Our Story

As a young boy in Peru our father, Jose Gabriel Diaz, learned to make bread in our grandfather’s bakery and this is where his passion for baking began. When he got older, seeking a better opportunity, he moved as a young man to Miami in 1972 and helped open the first French bread bakery in Miami. Essentially, our father alongside with the owner of Alexander Bakery were the pioneers in bringing French bread to Miami. At the time they were located in downtown Miami and sold their infamous French bread to local consumers and local restaurants. As years passed, our father’s ambition grew of finally starting his own bakery. In 1981, equipped with everything he had learned he finally made his dream come true and opened Le Fournil Bakery. The word fournil is an old french word that means “bakehouse” and it’s exactly what we were and are still today for our community.

In the beginning when our father began the bakery he was the bread maker, the baker, the salesman and the delivery guy. Through hard work and dedication the bakery continued to grow and acquire more wholesale customers and also more employees to help aid in this growth. Eventually the bakery would outgrow the original space and the decision to purchase a land and build our current building was inevitable. This vision became a reality when Le Fournil Bakery’s new building, in the Westchester area, was opened to the public and for service in 1986. This building is still where the bakery operates today.

Today, with our father’s passion and our family’s dedication to making the best tasting French bread we are proud and grateful to be able to continue to serve our community for over 40 years. The devotion to our customer’s satisfaction has been the driving force to our success. We thank all our customers for your continued patronage and hope to continue to be able serve you for many more years to come.

This picture of our first mixer with our parents, Jose Gabriel Diaz and Maria Virginia Diaz, the founders of Le Fournil Bakery, symbolize 2 of our core values which are loyalty and teamwork. The mixer is the first mixer Jose Gabriel Diaz purchased 41 years ago. Its old but it still works. It has stood the test of time just like Le Fournil Bakery has. Our father never wanted to sell it because it symbolized the beginning of his journey and our continued commitment and loyalty to our customers and employees. Jose Gabriel Diaz and Maria Virginia Diaz symbolize teamwork. Together they helped each other grow Le Fournil Bakery and taught all the employees and family members, through example, that teamwork makes the dream work. To this day the lessons the Le Fournil Bakery staff learned from them are still being applied in our daily activities.


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