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Coming soon! We are working very hard to soon launch our very own par-baked (partially baked then blast frozen) petit pain!

We use only the highest quality raw materials

The end product is uniform

Total costs are reduced to a greater extent.

Our bread products are manufactured in our facility with the highest quality raw materials. Le Fournil Bakery pledges to always use the best quality ingredients and to always ensure the best quality product by conducting daily quality control inspections. We combine both traditional processes and modern technology to bring the most authentic and best tasting French baguette and petit pains that you have ever tasted. For those customers that are health conscious, our bread is fat-free, vegan, low calorie and yet still great tasting. Since 1981 we have strived and continue to strive to offer our wholesale customers with the highest quality bread at a reasonable price point. Whether you’re looking for delicious petit pains to place in a basket or French baguettes to make hand-crafted sandwiches, we are the best choice for your restaurant needs!

Wholesale Product Catalog

French Baguette

French Baguette

Petit Pain

Petit Pain

Beef, chicken, ham & cheese or spinach empanadas


Guava & cream cheese, guava, meat, chicken, cream cheese or coconut flavored pasteles.

Pasteles 2

Only in Miami, Florida, do we deliver to points of sale.

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